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If It Must Be Done

Gather round and listen,
Whether you’re with me now or not.
It’s time to tell a story,
So sit down; take a spot.

In a fractured world it happened,
With walls between the lands,
Where strangers remained strangers,
Travel was out of their hands.

There was a way to travel,
But it was barred to men,
Water was the secret,
The only way through then.

No human holds his breath that long,
But no one seemed to care,
If it seemed impossible,
When foreigners gave a scare.

The only ones anyone ever
Saw travel through the sea,
Was the Blue Organization,
With odd machines, you see.

They claimed to be the saviors
Of the people of the land,
Who knew they spouted the same tripe,
To us as to any man.

But the people took them in,
When they came to save the day,
If someone stops marauders,
You listen to what they say.

The Blue took over quickly,
With their secret tech,
That rose up from the water
In giant crablike mechs.

Soon all of the capitals
Of the separated states,
Were turned into fortresses,
And barred were all the gates.

The Blue took over one and all
Of the realms they came to “save,”
If one would speak against them,
All turned against the knave.

One or two kept their beliefs,
That there was evil in the Blue,
Specifically young Mathias,
And his sister, Mary Lou.

Whenever the Blue were away,
They’d study the flowing stream,
The only way under the barrier,
Then someone’s come and scream.

Though Mathias tried several times,
He couldn’t swim far enough,
Sometimes Mary had to help him,
If the swim back proved too tough.

But then one day at the water,
A little had popped up,
The creature called itself a friend,
And said its name was Pup.

“How did you swim so far?”
Asked Mathias in awe.
“I can breathe underwater!”
Then Pup hid before a Blue saw.

“Why are they here?”  Pup asked.
More than a little scared.
“I knew that they were bad,
I wouldn’t follow them on a dare!”

“They’re here to control us,
No matter what they say.”
“I’ll help you free your people,
Come meet me later on today!”

And later they all met,
And Pup pulled Mathias in,
And swam fast as he could to get him though,
Before his breath went away.

They came up next to unfamiliar shores,
That led to a rocky land,
Where the pounding of hammers could be heard,
Even from the beach’s sand.

“I’ve been here before,” said Pup,
And he led Mathias the right way,
“When we get where we’re going,
What am I supposed to say?”

It was a quick stop, you see,
To pick up Pup’s friend Aces.
“Now maybe the others will listen,
When they see friends from different places.”

And so Pup pulled Mathias and Aces both,
As easy as can be,
And soon they reached another place,
With crystal as far as the eye could see.

“Think of what I can make with these,”
Said Aces with a grin.
“We don’t have time to gather any,
But you can ask for some within.”

They entered a large building,
With huge people inside,
But Aces just asked about the gems,
“My friend’s would have tried to hide.”

“Don’t doubt you people, Mathias,”
Pup scolded the boy,
“We need to gather all we can,
To undo the Blue’s ploy.”

It ended up that Aces,
Was just the one to bring,
For the mining people of this new world,
Would often find something,

That they could find no use for,
But did not want to throw away,
So an inventor like Aces,
Would help to save the day.

And so they set up shop there,
And asked Pup what they should do.
Pup grinned and held out some plans,
“How does this here strike you?”

It was a small group, to be sure,
But they worked as hard as could be,
And as their own versions of Blue mechs appeared,
Others came to see.

Pup brought in help from other lands,
Until they had an army of their own,
It was time to take back the world.
The Blue would soon be pwnd.

The battle began an early morn,
When Mathias’ army showed,
And the common people joined the cause,
Well, what do you know?

I suppose you want a happy ending,
A “happily ever after?”
But blood was spilt over days and days,
You know that’s what matters.

Did Mathis and his friends win?
That’s part of the story I tell.
The land was free from the blue,
And the others as well.

Through blood and fire freedom was bought,
For the people of the realms,
But friends and family were lost to all,
As one by one they fell.

The war caused so much damage,
That for them you may feel sad,
But if what they did gave them freedom,
Then it couldn’t have been that bad.
Written for something at school. Its purpose is only to entertain.
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Liam-e Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
This is incredible... it starts out like a simple Fantasy story, but becomes a good statement against war! NICE!
dangerousness Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2006
wow...thats a really inspiring story...
i didnt know you were such a storyteller!
its really inventive :wow:
its so good!!!
you used really good language and i love some of the metaphors and just the story was amazing.
have you tried writing a story?!
you really should!!!
or more poetry...
Beastfire Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome. As I've said before, you're really good at poetry, and this is a must fave, of course. ^_^
Beastfire Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow...that's really cool...! Again, awesome job at poetry. ^_^
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